Ferrari 599 GTO

2011 (11)

6,000 miles

Rosso Corsa

Nero Hide & Rosso 3D Fabric



G.T.O. – Gran Turismo Omologato. The 599 GTO is the third Ferrari to wear this sacred three letter badge after the legendary 250 GTO and 288 GTO. Though some critics argue that the 599 GTO is not a real homologated thoroughbred race car for the road like the 250 and 288 GTO; however the 599 GTO is actually a road legal version of the 599 XX track car. It isn’t just a special edition Ferrari with lashings of fancy cosmetic Carbon Fibre options and a louder exhaust.



The 599 GTO carries over various high-tech technologies from the XX program including a reworked 6.0L V12 engine that produces 671 bhp and 457 lb ft of torque. This mighty 6.0L V12 engine previously seen in the Enzo hypercar, now has 12% increased efficiency over the standard 599 GTB. The 599 GTB which the 599 GTO was based on produced 612 bhp and 448 lb ft of torque. Weight reduction was also another aspect that made the 599 GTO so special, weighing in at 100kg less than the GTB at 1,605kg.



Other highlights include the six into one exhaust manifold and new intake which makes the 599 GTO one of the best sounding cars ever made. The radical weight saving measures are more evident as soon as you step inside the cabin. With bare carbon fibre panels, Alcantara and 3D fabric materials; the GTO feels raw and unfiltered. Lapping Ferrari’s Fiorano test track faster than an Enzo, the 599 GTO is undoubtedly one of the best track cars ever made. Make no mistake, the 599 absolutely deserves the GTO badge.





20” Forged Alloy Wheels in Satin Grey


Extracampionario Rosso Formula 1 2007 Triple Layer Layer Paint


Two-Tone Body Painting with Grigio Silverstone Opaco Roof


Carbon Fibre Underdoor Covers


Carbon Fibre Door Sill Cover


Carbon Fibre Racing Seats


Carbon Fibre Lateral Dash Insert


iPod Connection


Rear Parking Sensors


Rosso Special Stitching


Rosso 3D Fabric


Giallo Rev Counter


Giallo Brake Calipers

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